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Macbeth’s Downfall

No description


Cadice Markley

on 15 May 2014


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Transcript of Macbeth’s Downfall

Macbeth’s Downfall
Controlling factors over Macbeth
Three Witches:
Lady Macbeth:
The three witches tell Macbeth how Banquo has sons who can carry out the name as princes, but Macbeth cannot.
Lady Macbeth reads the letter from her husband, beginning to manipulate Macbeth by telling him he is not a man so he will be provoked into gaining power by murder.
Macbeth murders Duncan
What Happened?
How’s Macbeth feel?
Duncan was the King of Scotland, and in order for Macbeth to become the new king, Duncan was stabbed to death in his sleep by Macbeth.
After Duncan was killed, Macbeth began to feel paranoid and tried to place the blame on Malcolm and Donalbain.
Macbeth goes on a killing spree
Who is killed next?
Why are they killed?

Duncans two chamberlains, Banquo (Fleance escapes), Macduff’s wife & children, and the young Siward.
Macbeth kills more people to cover his murder, and to also gain power to become king.
What does inevitable mean?
Macbeth’s reference:
Unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; certain; necessary:
an inevitable conclusion
Sure to occur, happen, or come; unalterable:
The inevitable end of human life is death.
At what point in the play is Macbeth’s downfall inevitable?
Meaning, at which point can Macbeth not recover from his mistakes?
Macbeth’s fatal end
The fall of Macbeth:
How was he murdered?
Macbeth and Macduff begin fighting, but Macduff wins with the reward of Macbeth’s head. Macduff is said to win because he was born by a c-section.
Karma brought down Macbeth. Since Duncan was murdered by Macbeth, Macbeth would later on be murdered.
Lady Macbeth:
The three witches:
" What beast was’t, then, That made you break this enterprise to me! When you durst do it, then yo were a man; And to be more than what you were, you would Be so much more the man." (Shakespeare 43)
"Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none. So all hail, Macbeth and Banquo!" (Shakespeare 19)
"I have done the deed. Didst thou not hear a noise?" (Shakespeare 55)
"Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand? No, this my hand with rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red." (Shakespeare 59)
"Then, prophet-like, They hailed him father to a line of kings. Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown And put a barren scepter in my grip, Thence to be wrenched with an unlineal hand, No son of mine succeeding." (Shakespeare 85)
"Hail, King! for so thou art. Behold where stands Th’ usurper’s cursed head." (Shakespeare 189)
"Enter Macduff with Macbeth’s head." (Shakespeare 189)
Macbeth’s Background
The Tragedy of Macbeth was written in the year 1606 and published in 1623. The play was based on the Middle Ages, about the eleventh century.
Macbeth, in the story is the King of Scotland, but is unable to have boys to carry out the family name.
Cadice Markley – Fifth Hour
Writing style:
The play was written as a mountain, the uphill climb to reach the climax, then the fall of Macbeth.
Rauber, D.F. ¨Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth.¨
11 (Winter 1969); 59-67.
. Web. 5 May 2014.
Structural Pattern:
Macbeth is broken into three main parts. It begins with Macbeth’s rise to kingship, then the uneasy holding of power, and lastly his fall. Each of these points in the tragedy are marked by murder.
King’s Roles:
The king in the middle ages is the head of state. Meaning, the king runs the country. He makes decisions and leads the countries military. Also, kings are decided by the present kings oldest son. Macbeth, seeing as he will have no sons to carry on his name, needed to kill for power.
"The Role of the Monarchy."
The Official Website of the British Monarchy.
The Royal Household. Web. 6 May 2014.
Witches Influence on Lady Macbeth:
Witches, who practiced black magic, where seen as committing awful crimes. Citizens had several tests to determine if the women was either a lady or a witch. One test was a prayer test, which would show if the women had trouble reciting the prayer. Lady Macbeth, later on, had a hard time praying, knowing the crimes she committed.
Andrews, Evan. "7 Bizarre Witch Trial Tests."
A&E Television Networks (18 Mar. 2014). Web. 6 May 2014.
Macbeth’s inevitable point:
Macbeth’s point of no return was in act 2 scene 2, the moment he murders Duncan while he sleeps.
Macbeth, at this point, cannot be controlled any longer. His need for power and the throne trumps his guilt and conscience when he participates in others murders. This eventually catches up to him, when Macbeth is finally murdered.

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    Macbeth’s Downfall

    Book image

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    Book: Macbeth

    Pages: 3 Words: 655 Views: 1776

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    Macbeth’s Downfall

    In William Shakespeare ’s Macbeth, the main character, Macbeth, is a brave and loyal subject to the King of Scotland, but as the play progresses, his character begins to change drastically. Evil and unnatural powers, as well as his own passion to become king, take over his better half and eventually lead to his downfall. The three main factors that intertwine with one another that contribute to Macbeth’s tragic end are the prophecies told by the three witches, Lady Macbeth’s influence, and finally, Macbeth’s excessive passion and ambition which drove his desire to become king to the utmost extreme.

    The prophecy told by the three witches was what triggers the other factors that contribute to Macbeth s downfall. In the first act, the witches tell Macbeth that he is to become the Thane of Cawdor and soon after, king. This prophecy arouses Macbeth’s curiosity of how he can become the King of Scotland. “Stay, you imperfect speakers, tell me more: By Sinel’s death I know I am Thane of Glamis; But how of Cawdor? The Thane of Cawdor lives, a prosperous gentleman; and to be king stands not within the prospect of belief. ” (Act I. sc.

    III) This quote shows how the witches prophecy attracts Macbeth. It demonstrated how Macbeth thirsts for an answer from the witches of how is he to become the Thane of Cawdor and even king. As the play continues, Macbeth slowly relies on the witches’ prophecies. It becomes a remedy for Macbeth’s curiosity, which corrupts his character. One of the witches’ prophecies becomes true when King Duncan names Macbeth the Thane of Cawdor. At this point, Macbeth seeks advice from his wife, Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth provides a scheme for Macbeth to assassinate the King.

    Macbeth’s Downfall

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    She is manipulative and persuasive in corrupting Macbeth s judgement. “What beast was’t then that you break this enterprise to me? When you durst do it, then you were a man; And to be more than what you were, you would be so much more the man. ” (Act I. Sc. VII) In this quote, Lady Macbeth is agitating Macbeth by saying he is not a man if he does not do what he says he is going to do, which is to murder the king of course. This angers Macbeth and enables him to follow Lady Macbeth’s scheme to kill the King easier.

    Macbeth’s first murder is definitely a trying experience for him. However, as the play progresses, killing seems easy and the only solution to maintain his reign of the people of Scotland. Macbeth becomes increasingly ambitious as the play goes on. The witches prophecies and Lady Macbeth’s influence intensifies his ambition and drives Macbeth to obtain and maintain his title of Scotland by whatever means, even murdering his best friend, Banquo. “Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown, … no son of mine succeeding.

    If’t be so, for Banquo’s issue have I filed my mind; For them the gracious Duncan I have murder’d; … To make them kings, the seed of Banquo kings! (Act III. sc. I) At this point Macbeth’s passion becomes more and more extreme to the point where no one stands in his way. His greed, violence, and hunger for power drastically declines his character. The witches prophecy, Lady Macbeth’s influence, and Macbeth’s own ambition all contribute greatly to his deterioration of character which results in his downfall, which was death.

    All the causes link to one another. If it wasn’t for Macbeth’s strong will and passion, Macbeth would still be his ordinary self. Because of this, Macbeth’s curiosity of possibly becoming king was brought out which led to Lady Macbeth’s controlling influence. Macbeth’s ambition then builds and causes him to commit a series of murders, one of which, includes his own best friend. If one of these factors were missing, Macbeth would not have been strong enough to carry the motive to kill King Duncan, which ultimately leads to his destruction.

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    Kimber Trivett
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