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sidelong look/glance

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsidelong look/glancesidelong look/glanceSIDEa way of looking at someone by moving your eyes to the side, especially so that it seems secret , dishonest , or disapproving
 He gave Oliver a sidelong glance.

Examples from the Corpus

sidelong look/glanceShe cast a sidelong glance at Fen .Afterwards, in the changing room, everyone shoots sidelong glances at Lil.But a few sidelong glances revealed them to be He-Shes. Pleased faces, sidelong glances seeking agreement .I cast a sidelong glance, to see if she’s noticed .

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sidelong – definition and synonyms

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 sidelong pronunciation in British English

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  • a sidelong glance/look

    the action of moving your eyes to one side without moving your head much

    She couldn’t resist a sidelong glance at him.

     Synonyms and related words
    Looks and sights: look , sight , glance …

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derived word



 sidelong pronunciation in British English

She looked sidelong at him.

 Synonyms and related words
Looks and sights: look , sight , glance …

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