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Portuguese translation of ‘godmother’

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Example Sentences Including ‘godmother’

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If the stepchildren are very young, think of yourself as an aunt or godmother figure.

Times, Sunday Times (2014)

She was my best friend and the godmother of my daughter.

The Sun (2015)

Trends of ‘godmother’

Used Occasionally. godmother is one of the 30000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary

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‘godmother’ in Other Languages

British English: godmother
/ˈɡɒdˌmʌðə/ NOUN

A godmother is a female godparent.
  • American English: godmother
  • Arabic: عَرَّابة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: madrinha
  • Chinese: 教母
  • Croatian: krsna kuma
  • Czech: kmotra
  • Danish: gudmoder
  • Dutch: peetmoeder
  • European Spanish: madrina
  • Finnish: kummitäti
  • French: marraine
  • German: Patentante
  • Greek: νονά
  • Italian: madrina
  • Japanese: 名付け親
  • Korean: 대모
  • Norwegian: gudmor
  • Polish: matka chrzestna
  • European Portuguese: madrinha
  • Romanian: nașă de botez
  • Russian: крестная мать
  • Spanish: madrina
  • Swedish: gudmor
  • Thai: แม่อุปถัมป์
  • Turkish: isim annesi
  • Ukrainian: хрещена мати
  • Vietnamese: mẹ đỡ đầu

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Related Terms of ‘godmother’

  • fairy godmother


Translation of godmother from the
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