Myibidder Auction Bid Sniper for eBay

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This extension places a ‘Snipe it’ link on eBay listings for easy access to Myibidder.com Auction Bid Sniper.
Myibidder (originally was Myibay) Auction bid sniper for eBay allows you to have "Snipe It" link on every eBay auction page for easy access to your Myibidder.com sniping account.
How to use:
1. Click "Snipe it" link usually located on the right side of the page (under seller's info).
2. Fill out the form with your snipe amount.
3. Once added you can manage your items using http://www.myibidder.com/
You can also manage your contact information, e-mail notifications, groups and other features.
All transactions are done using secured network protocols so your information is protected.
The sniper service is Free.
We do our best to provide the best and the most reliable Auction Bid Sniper for eBay. If you like the free service, please post your feedback here:
The more users we get, the better service we provide.
This code is a copyrighted material. Modifying and reselling of this code is not permitted without prior written approval from authors.
Support forums: http://www.myibidder.com/forums/
FAQ & Contact form: http://www.myibidder.com/login/faq
Terms and conditions: http://www.myibidder.com/login/terms
CHANGES in 1.3.7:
* "Snipe these" button updated to reflect new eBay changes


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Version: 1.4.3
Updated: September 19, 2018
Size: 47.76KiB
Language: English
Email:  mysupport@myibidder.com
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