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Daysy Fertility Monitor: Is it right for you?

Updated November 29th, 2018


By Nicole | Hormonal Health | 25 Comments

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The “women’s health tech” space is blazing right now, and there is no shortage of innovative products that are literally changing the way women manage their periods and fertility.

It is indeed an exciting time to be a person with a period, amiright?!

One such device is Daysy , a menstrual cycle and fertility monitor. Finally, a powerful tool that fits neatly in the palm of your hand, and accurately tracks proven signs and symptoms of fertility on a day to day basis. Paper tracking charts have never seemed so old-school as they do now in 2016 lol!


I’ve got to admit, I was super skeptical about the Daysy before I started using her about two and a half months ago. I’ve been charting my cycle using my basal body temperature and cervical fluid patterns for about ten years, so relying solely on a teensy device to tell me when I am fertile/not fertile was mildly terrifying!

I know the “fear of pregnancy” struggle is VERY real for every woman who is on hormonal birth control, so I’m pumped to share about this amazing device with all of you!


PS. I’ve got a special discount for any of you babes who want to get your hands on a Daysy.  Click here to purchase your very own Daysy and get an automatic $20 discount!

The Quick and Dirty:

Daysy is the real deal people – she’s 99.3% effective and I have no doubt she will turn you into a birth control ninja in a very short period of time.

You can start using your Daysy the first day you receive her. She gives you clear signals, via different colored lights, about whether you are fertile or not fertile.

  • Yellow – learning phase/caution days
  • Red – fertile days
  • Green – safe/infertile days
  • Purple – menstruation days

Note: if you have been using hormonal birth control, you must stop using it before starting to use Daysy.

You don’t have to measure your temperature at the same time every day, which is super helpful for people who wake up at different times on different days. You just have to make sure you take your temp right after waking up.

As a reminder to take your temp, you can set an alarm on DaysyView, which is the app that accompanies the Daysy device.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.39.55 PM

Here’s what my app looks like for May, June and July. I started using the device in May so I had quite a lot of yellow days while Daysy was learning my cycle, but as you can see for June and July, those practically disappeared. Daysy is smart, and a quick learner! 🙂


A’s to your Q’s

I had a chat with my girl Holly Grigg-Spall, author of Sweetening the Pill, and knower of all things Daysy, and she answered the big questions on my (and every woman’s) mind.

NJ: How does Daysy actually work? (I’d love details on the technology, algorithm etc). How does it work without simultaneously tracking your cervical fluid.

HGS:  Essentially Daysy contains a computer, a database of millions of cycles and their data. When Daysy is learning your cycle she compares that unique new information to the database of information to determine when you have ovulated. Once you have enough cycles inputted, she starts to compare your new information to past information on your own cycles to make judgments about when you ovulate. The fertile window is started by calculating the earliest point you could ovulate based on your cycle history and based on the database information.

NJ: I read the little pamphlet that came with the Daysy from front to back, and it says that it is not to be used for contraception! Can you address this?

HGS: The FDA put a lot of pressure on the company to not call Daysy a contraceptive device or a birth control device when they first brought it to the US. They have strict definitions about what can be called contraception – partly to secure the market for pharmaceuticals only. So they have to put that in the official info and just say it is “for planning and preventing pregnancy.” The accuracy of 99.3% is for planning or preventing pregnancy – so you don’t say “99.3% effective” like you would with a contraception like the pill or IUD.

NJ: How is the Daysy device different to a basal thermometer and practicing the Fertility Awareness Method?

HGS:  The main thing is that Daysy does the interpretation for you. You don’t chart. You don’t need to study or learn anything to start using Daysy effectively (although many women get curious and will start reading up and taking classes). Daysy tells you whether you’re fertile or infertile, it doesn’t involve analyzing a chart or asking a practitioner for advice.

NJ: How long does it take for Daysy to get to know your body’s unique cycle and become effective birth control?

HGS: Daysy is accurate at 99.3% out of the box, but she takes about 3 months to learn your cycle. So you will get yellow (learning phase/caution days) and red (fertile days) more-so in the first 3 cycles entered. Most women get some green (non-fertile, safe days) once they enter first menstruation within a cycle and a half.

Then it builds up – they get more and more green days the more data they enter (the more temps they do). In the end, if you temp every day (missing temps means more yellow days) you will likely get about 8-9 red days per cycle.

Daysy is usually more conservative in readings when compared to charting manually with a BBT thermometer and app or paper chart. So if you chart manually following all the rules outlined in Taking Charge of Your Fertility, you might be able to get down to 7 fertile days per cycle (or 7 red days, in Daysy language). Some women will get 7 red days with Daysy if their cycles are super regular, otherwise they will get 8 or 9 as a buffer.

It’s comparable to being told to practice manual charting for 3-6 months before using it to prevent pregnancy.

NJ: Does Daysy work for women with amenorrhea and/or irregular periods? PCOS?

HGS: Many women who have a PCOS diagnosis or have irregular periods use Daysy – however, they do get more red/yellow days than women with regular cycles and regular ovulation.

Women with PCOS say they like that it gives them a clear indicator of when they *do* ovulate. Manually charting with PCOS can take a lot more determination and persistence than it does for other women, so women with PCOS definitely find the Daysy to be helpful. Other women may want to check cervical fluid instead so they can better plan pregnancy, or have more unprotected sex than Daysy alone would recommend.

HOWEVER – we don’t recommend women with extreme fluctuations use Daysy – if one cycle is 30 days, the next 50, the next 65, the next 35 and so forth. If they have a range of time they can rely on that covers like a week, for instance 25-32 days long or 33-40 days long, that’s okay. Daysy is suitable for cycles with a range up to 40 days long.

The only time we have heard of someone being in that 0.7% and getting pregnant on a green, safe day (so it was a device error not a user error) – is when a woman had ovulated extremely early in comparison to her past 18 or more cycles. Late ovulation will just incur more red days. Super early ovulation randomly is a problem. But only one woman has reported this. All other reports of pregnancy when trying to avoid with Daysy have been user-error – failed barrier, unprotected sex on a yellow day.

We tend to advise women with irregular cycles to get their cycles as regular as possible to get the most out of Daysy, and point them to someone like you! Then they get more green days and the experience is better, plus they feel better!

For Amenorrhea – Daysy won’t give you any green days until you actually menstruate.

NJ: Does the Daysy work for someone who has recently given birth and is breastfeeding?

HGS: Daysy is very popular with new moms because you only need 3 hours of consecutive sleep and you don’t have to take your temp at the same time every day. However, Daysy won’t know when you first ovulate. She will start giving you green days after you enter first post-partum menstruation. Prior to that it will be all be yellow and red. So you can get into the habit of temping, but to be extra conservative there will be no green days til both first ovulation and first menstruation have past. This video might help:

NJ: How accurate is Daysy as a method of birth control?

HGS: It’s 99.3% accurate – based on annual testing as a certified medical device. But we don’t say “effectiveness as birth control” because of FDA rules. It’s accurate for planning or preventing pregnancy – meaning the readings it will give (green, red, yellow) are 99.3% accurate.

NJ: Can Daysy be used for achieving pregnancy as well as birth control?

HGS: Yes, again with 99.3% accuracy. It can be used for either. It’s classed as a “fertility monitor” for this reason.

So what do ya think?? If there are more questions or concerns, just comment below!

As you can probably tell, I’m psyched about the Daysy and the fact that this little device has the power to alter the current birth control landscape. As in, if you don’t want to take the risk of being on hormonal birth control, or you don’t want a piece of copper in your uterus, now you have an easy option.

Daysy really is the solution for women who are scared to come off of hormonal birth control and worried about how to figure out the whole “cycle tracking” thing. On the flip side, it’s a fabulous option for women who really want to learn more about how their body functions and understand their unique menstrual cycle.

Special discount for all my readers!

Don’t forget, I’ve got a special discount for you.  Click here to purchase your very own Daysy and get an automatic $20 discount.




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  1. Jerrica
    November 25, 2018 at 3:11 pm – Reply

    Why would you Dasy over something like Natural Cycles?

  2. Andrea perdomo
    June 5, 2018 at 10:11 am – Reply

    Is there a way to know the real numbers of your temperature with daysy. I will like to see the numbers not just colors. Is it possible ?

    • Lenys G
      June 6, 2018 at 1:10 pm – Reply

      Yes, the app it comes with will tell you your exact temperature.

  3. Miriam
    December 10, 2017 at 12:38 pm – Reply

    Hi I had all lights flashing this morning . What does it mean possible pregnant?? Can that ho back to green tomorrow morning .

  4. Shell
    October 19, 2017 at 11:14 am – Reply

    I’ve read that sperm can survive inside the uterus for over 2 days. So let’s say you have a green / non-fertile reading and have unprotected sex, but then a day or so later, you get a red / fertile reading – either from ovulating a few days early or just misreading your cycle. Won’t this increase the chances of pregnancy? I guess I’m kind of confused about how reliable this device is. Thanks

    • Nicole
      October 19, 2017 at 5:47 pm – Reply

      Hi Shell, I definitely recommend you speak with the Daysy customer support who are super knowledgeable in all aspects of the Daysy. Check them here:

    • Lenys G
      June 6, 2018 at 1:12 pm – Reply

      I wrote them a question similar to this and they said “Daysy takes the life span of sperm into account when giving her fertility indicators. So, if you’re seeing a green day, then you’re at least 5 days out from ovulation and there is less than a .6% chance of unprotected sex leading to pregnancy. The next day, if you see red, that means Daysy believes you could potentially be fertile considering that sperm could survive 5 days leading up to ovulation. Daysy considers this fact for you so that you can just rely on the lights themselves.”

      Hope this helps

  5. Destiny
    October 8, 2017 at 6:13 pm – Reply

    I have thyroid issues. Would this be accurate to use as a way to prevent pregnancy?

    • Nicole
      October 10, 2017 at 7:09 pm – Reply

      Hi Destiny! Yes, this would be accurate to prevent pregnancy if you’re making sure to take your temperature every day so that Daysy can get to know your unique cycle. The Daysy customer service reps are very knowledgeable and will be able to help you further. You can get in contact with them here:

      And don’t forget to use the code fixyourperiod for a discount! 🙂

  6. leilani
    April 22, 2017 at 1:53 am – Reply

    On a green day is it “safe” for the male to ejaculate inside the vagina so as to NOT get pregnant?

    • Nicole
      April 23, 2017 at 12:14 am – Reply

      I definitely recommend you speak with the Daysy customer support who are super knowledgeable in all aspects of the Daysy. Check them here:

  7. Summer
    December 27, 2016 at 5:37 am – Reply


    I am so excited to use the daysy soon when I am able to order it in January! I have to ask this one important question: on any green day, can my guy “finish” in me, and I will not get pregnant, even when the green day is right before a yellow or red day? I ask this because I know sperm can live inside for a few days and that is my only concern! I am not quite ready to get pregnant, I’m only 22 and still need to finish college, so I want to make sure I can’t get pregnant on the green days! Thanks so much if you can answer my question! 🙂 Love this article by the way, and I also love your article on how to get off the pill! Much love to you xox

    • Nicole
      December 27, 2016 at 8:42 am – Reply

      Hi Summer! I am so excited for you to try the Daysy out! 🙂

      Yes, you can have unprotected sex on any green day, however, I suggest you go to their site and read up on their FAQ’s or contact their customer service team for a definitive answer to your specific question. That way you will feel 100% confident using the Daysy.

      Big hugs to you!


  8. Erin
    September 20, 2016 at 11:35 pm – Reply

    I have the Lady-Comp which was the precursor to the Daysy and also produced by RaXMedical. They also have another product based on the same technology called the Pearly. I didn’t read all the comments posted here in their entirety, but I wanted to share a positive review. I have read the TCOYF book cover to cover, and loved how empowering it was to understand my cycles for the first time. We successfully used FAM to conceive our first child, and the information within the book is priceless. I have recommended FAM to many friends and family members, and believe the information is vital. I don’t think the Daysy (Lady-Comp/Pearly) is in any way related to the calendar/rhythm method or negates the purpose and empowement of FAM. I LOVE LOVE my Lady-Comp, and believe it has brought even HIGHER accuracy to my family’s implementation of the Fertility Awareness Method. After our second child was conceived accidentally (albeit a HUGE blessing 🙂 ), using the FAM method (while I was still breastfeeding my 14 month old firstborn), we decided to look into ways to increase our FAM effectiveness. I believe that the Lady-Comp does that by taking some of the work our of traditional FAM charting. As a new mama, I was majorly sleep deprived and really appreciated that I only had to get 3 hours of consecutive sleep (same as FAM) in order to use the Lady-Comp. Most importantly,I didn’t have to remember to then go and chart my temperature later on my computer. It also stores all your data and you can easily download reports about your cycle, and print off your cycle data. After having a second baby and feeling overwhelmed most days, it really helped to take the stress and work out of using the Fertility Awareness Method. Now I combine what I know about my own cycles with the input that I’m getting form the Lady-comp and I feel extra confident that it is working for our family. We’ve been trying to avoid pregnancy for 2 years using it, and have been successful. No, everyone may not need a device like this, but for those of us who need a little extra ease and support, it is really helpful. I would encourage anyone interested to do their own research about these products. I think that they are great, and have found mine super user friendly and accurate!

    • Nicole
      September 21, 2016 at 10:47 am – Reply

      Hi there Erin!

      Thank you so much for sharing your fertility journey and your positive review on your experience with the Lady Comp. I think it will be very helpful for women who are interested in having a “little extra ease and support” when trying to avoid pregnancy naturally.

      Have an amazing day!



  9. Jane
    August 4, 2016 at 6:01 pm – Reply

    Well, I have to say that I’m with Anna on this one.

    Holly you mention quite a few different methods there, including the calendar method. I think this is where we can really work out why so many women who use FAM are so unhappy with Daysy. It irritates me (and many other FAM users) to no end that the calendar method is lumped in under the FAM umbrella. It has absolutely no place there, since it’s hardly being aware of when you’re fertile. The fact that the product you endorse shows clear similarities to the calendar method (ie. predicting when you will be ovulating, based not just on your past cycles, but on other women’s cycles), might explain why so many women are unsupportive of it. Using Daysy will never teach a person to understand how their body works. It will never accurately and consistently predict when they will ovulate. MANY women at some point will ovulate early, and for anyone relying solely upon Daysy, this is very dangerous. As Anna has said, everyone’s body is different, so comparing my cycles to Anna’s for example, and relying upon Anna’s data to predict when I will ovulate is totally ridiculous – I really do wonder how well you’ve managed to manipulate the data to get yourself an impressive 0.07% failure rate. I for one have seen quite a few failures using Daysy and Ladycomp – you must have millions using the products to be only getting 0.07%.

    One question I have, are the pamphlets different in the US, to the rest of the world? Because if it was only the FDA that required you to put in the previsionary/precautionary/ass covering statement about not being used as a contraceptive, surely it wouldn’t be included in your European

    leaflets? Because if it’s not required, it would have no need to be in there.. unless the company were afraid of being sued or something..

    Last but not least, I must say that I once respected you Holly. You were a woman on a mission, to spread the word about being aware of one’s fertility. I followed your page, I listened to podcasts that you featured in, I even read your book. However since you have started endorsing Daysy, in my eyes, you have lost all credibility. Not just because you are clearly being paid a rather hefty sum to endorse Daysy (and I personally see that as a HUGE sell out by the way), but because of the way you now speak to people. I have seen you in social media groups and pages, berating anyone who says a single negative word about Daysy. You have become aggressive and arrogant, and I really do feel like it’s such a great shame – you were doing something so great and now you seem to be leading others down the same path. I am genuinely sad to hear that Nicole is now recommending this product and has struck some kind of deal to make a package available to US users. I’m in utter shock that Lara Briden is also doing the same for users in Europe, and to hear that the likes of Hannah Ransom is now becoming involved makes me really upset. I used to have such admiration and respect for you all.

    • Holly Grigg-Spall
      August 4, 2016 at 9:30 pm – Reply

      “Jane” – I’m guessing you felt brave enough to leave that particularly nasty personal attack on Nicole’s website, where you could do so anonymously. I hope it made you feel good, in that moment, at least. You may not have considered how it would make me feel, what I might be doing this evening, what else might be going on in my life right now – whether it’d make me angry, sad or maybe if I’d even cry. Did you?

      I was going to lay bare here all the trials, the debt, and the emotional toll it took for me to get that book published. I was going to explain exactly how I managed, practically and psychologically, then to stand up for my perspective on the Pill, to stand up for the seriousness of FAM as an option for women, in the face of some seriously nasty attacks – oftentimes just as personal as the one you’ve made here. I guess when you haven’t been at the receiving end of that yourself, because perhaps you never felt willing to put yourself in the way of such vitriol, backlash, takedowns, for the sake of other women or something you believe in, then you might not ever understand what happens when you post something like your comment here, anonymously, sat at your desk at home. Getting this kind of…negative feedback… is not new to me – I was called a “sell out” for even wanting people to pay for my book. I guess at least this is a fresh viewpoint. Something new.

      I feel really good about what I’m doing. Although you seem to have taken my personal life decisions to heart, you don’t know me (I assume, perhaps you do and just never felt you could say this to my face). I don’t know you – I don’t know if you make your own money, if you love your work, if you work for a corporation, or if your partner supports you. I wouldn’t assume to know anything about how you get through the day.

      I do know I wrote a book to help validate the experiences of women who had suffered with side effects from hormonal birth control. Helping them was always my central motivation. I didn’t want other women to go through what I did. I’ve said that again and again. I’m pretty proud of how many women I have managed to support in this way with the book, my work, and now with the coming documentary. I know why I wrote the book. I know why I put in the time and the money to research it, to write it, to promote it, to do the interviews, to do it all, for free.

      Working with Daysy has actually helped me to continue doing the work that is important to me. It may interest you to know I also work with Alisa Vitti at FLO Living (I write all of her blog posts and I do her social media). Yes, I get paid for that. It may have escaped your notice, but we all need to make a living in this economy. I am *so* lucky to be able to make a living working with people that have women’s best interests at heart, are fully supportive of me as I am, love the work I’ve done, and want to see me continue doing this work and helping more women to go off hormonal birth control, when they want to. In the past I have also done marketing, yes paid, work with Lara Briden’s book and for the My Moontime app, to name a couple of relevant projects. I’m guessing I’m only a sell-out, though, when I’m working on projects you don’t personally agree with or prefer.

      Perhaps in a week the irony might occur to you – that you are chastising me for how I “talk to people” in this way, with this kind of comment, with these words. But again, I really hope it made you feel righteous, powerful, and maybe even proud. I really hope it made your night, because it ruined mine.

    • Nicole
      August 5, 2016 at 9:05 am – Reply

      Well, Jane I have to say I am with Holly on this one. Do you think your insulting comments served anyone? And most importantly, do you feel good now that you’ve gotten all that off your chest?

      At least Holly, myself, Lara, and Hannah have the ovaries to continually put our work out there into the world, at the risk of getting raked over the coals by people like you.

  10. Vanessa
    August 4, 2016 at 1:50 pm – Reply

    I use the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor along with the Marquette method and am very confident in a method of fertility awareness that has its efficacy proven in scientific journals. The monitor alone isn’t enough to use the method safely so the protocol adds a layer of added protection. I wonder how it compares to Daysy.

    • Nicole
      August 5, 2016 at 8:59 am – Reply

      Vanessa, I am not familiar with how the Clearblue Easy monitor works, so unfortunately I can’t speak to how it compares to the Daysy. I’m glad that you have found something that works well for you though. xoxo

  11. Holly Grigg-Spall
    August 4, 2016 at 1:03 pm – Reply

    Hi Anna – just wanted to address some of your comments here. I’m sorry this has all upset you so much. I hope I can provide a few answers that might be helpful.

    – I’m someone who manually charted (with BBT thermometer/app and BBT thermometer/paper charts) for some 5 years before starting to use Daysy, simply because this device suits me and my lifestyle better. Manual charting wasn’t something I ever enjoyed, I found it somewhat stressful, and I was not disciplined enough to be consistent. I didn’t *like* doing it. Daysy simplified charting for me in a way I really needed. I know many women who purchase Daysy are in the same boat as I was – they have tried manual charting and it did not suit them for whatever reason. I totally respect women who do chart manually – it just wasn’t for me, and it isn’t for everyone. I talk about this at length on the Fertility Friday podcast here:

    – There are many, many versions of “fertility awareness” (including something like Standard Days and including, yes, the Calendar Method). They all come under the same banner. I think it’s great that we have as many options on the hormone-free side of the menu as we do on the hormonal side of the menu (implant, shot, ring, pill, IUD). Women use a whole variety of those options throughout their lives. They are all fertility aware or striving for fertility awareness. I think you’d be surprised by how many woman use Daysy and have a copy of “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”! You’d be surprised how many start with Daysy and this spurs them to study up more on their fertility. I know not one single woman who *only* uses this device and has no interest in connecting with her body and understanding it better.

    – Daysy has trained cycle analysts on staff, trained in Sensiplan. They advise on cycle issues that might require the assistance of a woman’s health coach like Nicole. Women using Daysy send their charts in from the DaysyView app and they get feedback. Women in the US can now purchase Daysy and Nicole’s program simultaneously if this is the support they are looking for. In Europe, Daysy will be partnering with Dr Lara Briden to provide a similar option of additional support. I also worked with Dr Briden to create the “Menstruation Mechanic” column on the US Daysy site and we have partnered on q&as and webinars. Daysy also worked with the Fifth Vital Sign project and sponsored events including experts such as Hannah Ransom and Panquetzani Ticitl. So the company is very aware of the assistance some women need to regularize their cycle, hormone-free.

    – That statement is not a way for the company to cover “its ass” – as explained, the FDA *legally* requires that this specific language be included in the pamphlet with the device. It could not be sold in the US without it. It’s different in Europe. It is 99.3% accurate for planning or preventing pregnancy. It is a medically certified device, tested annually in Europe under strict regulations. Yes, user error does occur (same with STM or the Pill) and that can cause unwanted pregnancy. As you know, all methods include that possibility (aside from complete abstinence).

    – Re: privacy issues. Actually, Daysy as a standalone device (you can, but do not have to use the app) is perfect for someone with concerns about privacy. It cannot be accessed by wifi or Blutooth. The data stays on the device. Privacy concerns are raised around apps that are free, because the companies make money from selling on the data – they have no other income. Valley Electronics makes LadyComp and Daysy and BabyComp and Pearly and has been doing so for some 30 years – the business plan does not involve selling data. The app is free, but the devices are not. This is why some companies with free apps are now making devices, because they know women probably do not want their data sold on. I speak to this more in that podcast.

    – Daysy is not for everyone. STM is not for everyone. Creighton is not for everyone. Billings is not for everyone. The Pill is not for everyone. I think it’s wonderful we have choices on the hormone-free side of the contraceptive menu.

    I think some women using Daysy would be somewhat offended by the idea they have “given up their mind” – many are very well educated in fertility awareness. It may not be your choice, but it is their choice to make. As someone who has been on both sides of this equation – I am sometimes surprised by the lack of support for women who desperately want to stop using hormonal birth control, but do not feel that STM is for them (or Creighton or Billings) for whatever reason. They often turn to the pull-out method alone (the stats reflect this). For some women who are coming off the Pill – a device like this is just what they want, and, actually, need. There are many, many reasons for this – complex and personal.

    I hope this addresses some of your questions. Thanks for the comment.

    • Anna
      August 5, 2016 at 3:47 am – Reply

      Hey Holly,

      Thank you for your reply.

      I do respect that there are different methods and different things work for different people. You’re 100% on that one.

      I have a question about Daysy and I’m wondering if you could answer it.

      Obviously i don’t need specifics because I understand it’s patented technology.

      The one thing I learned about taking BBT through FAM is that temperatures *can* be fickle.

      When I first started charting manually I was incredibly frustrated because my temperatures would be really erratic. And I had no idea what was happening.

      Then I learned that I couldn’t just take my temperature whenever I woke up, I found my optimum time to be 5:30 AM. My temps vary too much when I take my temp at different hours.

      Then I also figured out that I needed to prewarm my thermometer because it’s just what it needed.

      As a result I’ve always put more weight on my cervical fluid as it is your primary fertility sign right?

      I’d like to know about the thermometer, perhaps you know or you can communicate with your engineering department, does it have some other BBT technology that makes charting at any time more stable?

      Or is it purely due to the computer and the algorithm that makes the Daysy special so it can be used at any time (after waking up).

      I would like to understand more about it. Because I do find it conflicting with my FAM knowledge. It is nice to hear it uses Sensiplan Rules. That makes more sense to me – I also chart in Sensiplan.

      I do however acknowledge charting isn’t for everyone, the Pill isn’t for everyone, and we all get to make that choice.

      I’m a die-hard FAMer and it works for me so I don’t see myself changing methods any time soon.

      But I do agree that there is a space for Daysy, for many women, even though it would not be my choice.

      Also, one more question, is there a reason you personally use Daysy Vs the pearly or the lady comp?

      Thank you for your time.

      I just want to understand the device more, I’ve tried finding this info on the website and I can’t find the answers I’m specifically looking for.

      Wishing you well.

  12. Anna
    August 4, 2016 at 7:07 am – Reply

    I’m just curious how much you’re getting paid for this endorsement.

    It boggles my mind that someone who knows the benefits of FAM would endorse this device, it’s expensive, and it takes away from what FAM itself is, it’s fertility *awareness*, not let me put my fertility in the hands of a device-ness.

    And I do have a question, Holly mentions advising women who have irregular cycles to get their cycles more regular and under control. How pray, does one do that without going to a fertility instructor or without pin pointing what’s wrong through charting.

    I also really love that the company has a beautiful way to cover their ass just in case someone does fall pregnant while using the machine – because it isn’t meant to be used as a method for contraception. So literally 99% of pregnancies using the machine will be contributed to user error.

    I’m truly astounded someone of your caliber would stand behind such a device. Truly.

    I’m shocked

    And I also have no words

    I do understand that there may be a space for such a device in this world and for some women. But I will never give my mind up for a machine. I am 100% different to all of those women in that little device. I don’t care how many of them have a similar cycle to me.

    I don’t even want to talk about the privacy issues I have with this device.

    • Nicole
      August 4, 2016 at 1:04 pm – Reply

      Hi Anna,

      Thanks for your comment.

      1. I’m sorry to hear that you are so bothered by my endorsement of Daysy.

      2. I am not getting paid ANYTHING by the company for writing this post.

      I have used the device over the last three months and really like using it in addition to my FAM practice. I will make sure to clarify that in the post. As you can see from the many other blog posts on my site, I am a HUGE supporter of FAM and believe it is an incredibly beneficial practice for all women. It completely changed my life 10 years ago, and I am proud to say that I have converted more clients and friends than I can count. I truly wish everyone was as passionate about body literacy as you and I, but the fact remains that most women aren’t.

      We both know that the majority of women on hormonal birth control are not very excited about figuring out how to use FAM, and many stay on hormonal birth control because they don’t want the hassle of learning how to use FAM. My goal is to help women get off of synthetic hormones, and if Daysy is a way for them to do it, then hell yes I am going to support it and recommend it to these women.

      In reference to your question on regulating irregular cycles – Holly says she refers women to people like me. I help women regulate their cycles all the time with food and lifestyle modification. Although I suggest FAM and recommend FAM practitioners to every one of my group and e-course clients, not all women use it. That doesn’t mean they aren’t able to pinpoint their hormonal imbalances through hormone testing or symptom observation.

      What I have found with most women I know who use the Daysy is that they become very curious about their cycles and start charting other signs and symptoms as well. As you said, there is a space for such a device in this world, but it’s not for everyone, and that is A-Ok.



    • Nicole
      August 4, 2016 at 1:08 pm – Reply

      And of course, please see Holly’s comment for further clarification on the points you raised.

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